Monday, August 22, 2016

Flight Attendant Hiring Update for Monday, August 22, 2016

As of August 22, 2016, there are 39 airlines either hiring flight attendants and/or Inflight Managers or are accepting resumes/applications.

Here are a few of the airlines that are hiring flight attendants/managers or have upcoming Open House Interview(s). Also noted are airlines that have recently hired, but have temporarily closed their application window. These airlines should be monitored closely for hiring status changes. For additional information, click on the name of each airline.

Air Canada

Air Canada is currently accepting applications for the positions of flight attendant at both Air Canada mainline and Air Canada Rouge for entry on line in mid-2016. Successful candidates would begin training in the first half of 2016. Strong consideration will also be given to candidates fluent in English or French and one or more of the following languages: Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Greek, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Punjabi and Turkish. Apply online. See website for more details.

Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Rouge, a division of Air Canada welcomes everyone interested in becoming a flight attendant to apply online. See website for details.

Air Wisconsin

Now hiring flight attendants for selected domiciles. Apply online. See website for more details.


Periodically hiring flight attendants for training classes for various base assignments. The main FA job posting is being utilized to attract and hire trainees who are open to ANY initial base assignment (ANC, SEA, PDX, LAX, SAN). If you are open to ANY initial base assignment, please apply to the job posting only. If you prefer to be guaranteed the ANC initial base assignment, please apply to the ANC Guarantee FA job posting. Interviews will be held in the following cities with more dates/locations to be determined in the coming months: Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Anchorage, AK, California (various cities). You must be willing and able to provide transportation to and from the interview at your own expense. Please apply online. Application window opens and closes frequently. See website for more details and updates.


Periodically interviewing flight attendants for all bases. Apply online. Candidates who successfully complete the entire application process & assessments will be invited to complete a video interview. Please check your email for next steps. Candidates who successfully complete these steps will be invited to an upcoming recruiting session. See website for details.


Periodically hiring flight attendants with and without second language proficiency for all bases. For second languages, American seeks individuals who speak English and one of the following languages: Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Due to high volume, website access may be intermittent. Apply online. See website for updates and details.

British Airways

Airline is now interviewing for London Heathrow cabin crew members. See website for specific requirements and more details. Sign up for email hiring alerts direct from BA. Apply for open positions online.

Cathay Pacific

Now interviewing for San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles based flight attendants. US citizenship or individuals with resident status or the right to live and work in the United States may apply. Must be 19 and be fluent in written and spoken English and be fluent in one of the following languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, or Japanese. Interested applicants should send a resume via email. See website for details.

Republic/Shuttle America

All Flight Attendant classes are currently full. Check back soon! We will update our website as classes open back up.


Now accepting applications for upcoming classes. Apply online. Commutair is a United Express carrier. See website for more details.

Compass Air

Open House Interviews: 8/23 - Portland, OR; 8/25 - Seattle, WA; 8/30 - Minneapolis, MN. Now hiring flight attendants for all bases. Apply online for invitation to interviews. Some dates may be full. See website for more details.


The Delta flight attendant application window is temporarily closed. See website for details and updates.


The Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment Team is hiring. Upcoming Open Days in the US and Canada: 9/24 - Toronto, Canada. Note: Some events are Invitation Only. Apply online or in person in Dubai. Please continue to check the website regularly and keep your application details updated. Check website for additional upcoming Open Days (Open House Interviews) in US and Canada and in other countries. See website for Global Assessment Days and more details.


Open House Interviews: 8/26 - Sterling Heights, MI; 9/14 - New York, NY; 9/15 - East Amherst, NY; 9/22 - Chicago, IL; Endeavor Air (formerly Pinnacle Airlines Inc.), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. Now hiring flight attendants for New York, Detroit and Minneapolis bases. See website for details. Apply online.


Envoy (formerly American Eagle) is periodically accepting applications for the Flight Attendant position. See website for more details and updates.


Now interviewing for flight attendant positions for various bases. ExpressJet and Atlantic Southeast Airlines have merged. Apply online. See website for details.


Now hiring flight attendants for various bases. Apply online. See website for details.


GoJet Airlines is actively recruiting flight attendants for its Chicago, St. Louis, Raleigh-Durham and Denver bases. GoJet is a United Express and Delta Connection carrier. See website for more details.

Gulf Air

Flight attendant hiring only for Bahraini Nationals. Gulf Air is a Pan Gulf carrier based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Multi-cultural flight attendants are hired from over 60 nationalities including citizens of US, Canada, India, China, Australia, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and South America. Apply online. See website for more details


Hawaiian Airlines has announced that it will hire approximately 35 flight attendants for an October class date. Apply online. Check website for details.


Now hiring flight attendants for all bases. See Alaska Airlines for other opportunities. Apply online. See website for details and updates.


Jetblue completed Inflight Interview Sessions in June for upcoming classes. See website for future hiring updates.


Ongoing Information Sessions. Session will be announced and additional details will be provided on the invitation. Applicants who have completed an online application and meet the minimum requirements will receive an invitation to an information session. Due to space limitations the number of applicants invited will be limited and applications will be evaluated in the order which they are received. All correspondence will be via email only (an email address will be provided in the invitation to selected applicants).Information Sessions being held in various cities. Various upcoming sessions to be announced. PHX, DEN, IAD, LAX, MSY ,CLE. Apply online for invitation. Now hiring flight attendants for various domiciles. See website for details and updates since application window may be closed.

Omni Air

Periodic Open House Interviews. If you would like to receive an email that includes the date and location of the open house, please go to - - and click on FLIGHT ATTENDANT SIGNUP. If you are a Flight Attendant on furlough from another airline, Omni requires you to give up your recall rights and submit a letter of resignation before you start training. Email HR Department for inquiries. See website for more details.


Open House Interviews: 8/26 - Charlotte, NC; 9/22 - Alcoa, TN; 9/30 - Covington, KY. See website for details.

Qatar Airways

Ongoing Open House Interview(s): See website for details.

Qantas UK

Qantas Cabin Crew UK is no longer hiring flight attendants. All flight attendants will be based in the United Kingdom and will operate on Qantas services from London to Asia. Applicants must have the legal right to live and work in the United Kingdom. Please Note: There is no opportunity for cabin crew to operate to Australia or to transfer to Qantas Airways in Australia. Apply online. See website for more details.


Singapore Airlines has opportunities for citizens of the following countries: Singapore, Indonesia, India, Korea, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, Ipoh and Japan. See website for more details.


Open House Interviews: 8/23 - Bloomington, MN; 8/24 - Aurora, CO; 8/25 - Colorado Springs, CO; 8/30 - Los Angeles, CA; 8/31 - Burlingame, CA. See website for more details.


Now hiring flight attendants for all bases. Apply online and take the online assessment to receive an invitation to one of the interviews. See website for details.

United Airlines

United is now hiring flight attendants with no specific second language skills and those with second language experience. Second languages desired are: French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Mandarin, and Greek. Apply online. See website for details.

Virgin Atlantic

Now hiring cabin crew for London/Heathrow base, but application window is closed. See website for updates.

Virgin America

Virgin America is periodically hiring Inflight Team Members. The San Francisco based low cost airline began service on August 8, 2007 and operates a fleet of Airbus 319 and 320 aircraft. Apply online. See website for details.


Periodic interviewing for Toronto and  Calgary based French/English bilingual flight attendants. Apply online. See website for details and updates.

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