Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What to Expect at Flight Attendant New-Hire Training

Once the euphoria of getting hired wears off, it is very common for anxiety about new-hire training to set in. We have received several member e-mails about when tests are given, what scores are required, how much to prepare before training, etc. We reiterate here what we have been telling you all along. Don't worry! You will be trained by professionals on everything you need to know.

Training usually takes place at the airline's training center and typically lasts from three to six weeks. Classes are usually made up of between 30 and 100 trainees and run from approximately 8:00AM to 4:30PM. Accommodations and some meals and expense money are provided.

Subjects covered during training typically include:

City Codes

24-hour clock

Time computations (adding/subtracting hours and minutes)

Airline terminology

Cabin service

Company policy and procedures

Aircraft Familiarization

First Aid/CPR


Evacuation drills/commands

Security/Bomb threats, etc.

Uniform regs.



Specific aircraft training

Non-specific aircraft training...etc.

Generally you will be given tests after each segment of training. Passing grades are typically 90%. Some airlines allow retakes. Some do not. For members, we recommend reviewing everything in the Evaluation Center and all terms in the Flight Attendant Dictionary.

It might also be helpful to practice airport codes (pick up a schedule) and practice adding time. You can check your answers by using the hours and minutes calculator that we have added to the site.

Gold Members should find our practice tests in the Training Center useful for preparing for flight attendant new-hire training. Many of them are typical tests that you will see during training.

You can also expect about 4 training flights with real passengers where you will perform your duties under the supervision of working flight attendants.

During the second or third week, you will be asked to fill out your "dream sheet" for base assignments which will be awarded later in the program, depending upon the needs of the airline.

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