Monday, August 17, 2009

Fizzled Frontier Deal, Stock Slump put Dent in Southwest Airlines' Reputation

This is an interesting article about Soutwest published yesterday by ERIC TORBENSON / The Dallas Morning News:
After a whirlwind romance with bankrupt Frontier Airlines, Dallas' own Southwest Airlines finds itself jilted and facing some tough realities.

Southwest's bid hinged in part on getting its pilots' union to make a deal with Frontier's, but it didn't happen. Southwest dropped its bid and let Republic Airways Group Inc. win Denver-based Frontier.

The loss surprised many longtime Southwest watchers. The industry's most successful airline has almost always gotten what it wanted, whether it be gates at Chicago's Midway Airport in December 2004, a negotiated end to the flight restrictions at its home airport of Dallas Love Field in 2006 or the purchase of coveted landings lots in New York last year.

Once the belle of the airline ball, Southwest is 38 years old, it's shrinking its schedule for the first time ever, its profits have fallen sharply and its union wage rates are the industry's highest.

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