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How a Home-based eBay Business can Supplement Your Flight Attendant Income

I have received many e-mails from individuals asking for ways they can supplement their flight attendant income, especially during the early years of employment. In addition, people I fly with are always asking me for advice on starting their own business.

I strongly recommend having a second source of income not only as a supplement, but also as a backup in the event that you lose your flight attendant job or face a reduction in pay. Those of us who are veterans in the airline industry understand concessions, job security and furloughs all too well.

The Perfect Part-time Job

Because a flight attendant's schedule can be very unpredictable, I recommend a job that allows you to work out of your home or in your layover hotel.

A flight attendant’s job is unique in that it can open many doors leading to business connections. Unlike most other professions, it offers you a chance to build your business by looking for different opportunities throughout the country and the world.

On one trip, you might be making a connection with an electronics manufacturer in Hong Kong, while on another you might be negotiating a price on antique music boxes in San Francisco.

About twenty years ago, a former captain for Northwest Airlines made a deal with a luggage manufacturer in Taiwan. He branded the line as TravelPro® and his rollaboard suitcases soon became a household word.

So what type of business do I recommend? I believe that an eBay business is the ideal choice for a flight attendant who owns a computer (especially a laptop) and would like to earn additional income on a part-time basis with no set schedule.

What is eBay?

There is no doubt that you have heard of eBay. It is the world's leading online auction website.

On the average, eBay is visited by more than 2 million visitors a day – most of whom go to eBay because they are looking for something to buy.

There are currently more than five million eBay members. Every year, more than $60 billion worth of items sell on eBay – that’s more than $164 million a day!

For anyone just starting out on eBay, the upfront investment is almost zero and you don’t need to have any web building skills. You don’t need to know how to write HTML code or how to set up a shopping cart…you don’t even need to know how to generate traffic!

Because eBay has already done most of the work for you, running your own eBay business is one of the most comprehensive “business in a box” solutions on the Internet today.

What Can I Sell?

There are many stories about people making serious money on eBay.

During a recent layover at the Orlando airport, I was standing in line to get a cup of coffee. I noticed that the gentleman in line ahead of me was wearing an eBay ball cap. I asked him if he worked for eBay and his reply was that he was retired and was now one of the biggest ‘power sellers’ on eBay, selling black and white vintage movie posters. He gave me his business card and commented that he was earning over $200,000 per year, more than he ever made before his “retirement!”

I know a few flight attendants and pilots who sell defunct airline memorabilia like flight attendant and pilot wings, uniforms, coffee pots, schedules and playing cards. Just go to and type in 'airline' or 'flight attendant' as a search term. You’ll be amazed at what people are buying and selling.

Many of the eBay success stories are regular people working out of their homes who have "cornered" a particular niche market on eBay (like airline memorabilia) -- and many are making a serious living at it.

How Do I Start?

Being successful as an eBay entrepreneur is not automatic. You will need to educate yourself and learn from others who have been successful. It will take a great deal of hard work and patience. Like any other business, it will also take time to build.

Although rarely endorses other people’s products, we recently had the opportunity to preview an exceptional home-study course that teaches you everything you need to start your own eBay business. We feel that this program is one of the best out there and well worth the investment.

"Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay," developed by eBay power seller Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center includes a huge 347-page guidebook PLUS over 4 solid hours of audio instruction on 6 CDs (plus 6 additional bonus CDs)...... and contains every tip, strategy, and secret there is for getting started on eBay today. For a limited time, the complete program is being offered on a no-risk 30-day trial basis for just $2.95!

So if starting your own eBay business and earning money to supplement your flight attendant income appeals to you, click here to get started.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next big eBay success story with your own airline memorabilia store! It’s a perfect fit for a working flight attendant.

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