Monday, February 16, 2009

FAA Seeking Flight Attendants for Fatigue Study

The U.S. Congress and the President have directed the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) in Oklahoma City to conduct research concerning fatigue among U. S. flight attendants. To this end, the FAA, in cooperation with the Institutes for Behavior Resources (IBR), is conducting a Field Study on activity, sleep, and mental fatigue experienced by US flight attendants.

AFA-CWA has actively led the fight for the FAA to conduct a comprehensive flight attendant fatigue study and we encourage you to volunteer for this vital and important research.

FAA CAMI and IBR are seeking 210 volunteers for participation in this multi-week study, spread out over the next several months. Participants will be selected from the three different carrier types (network; low-cost; and regional) and additionally selected based on a mixed seniority criteria.

*Participants must be active U.S. based flight attendants.

*Participants will wear a wristwatch-shaped device on their non-dominant wrist (records activity and sleep) throughout the study, and a pedometer on their ankle (measures number of steps taken) when working.

*Using a portable handheld electronic device (a PDA), participants will complete an activity log and various self-report questionnaires and reaction time assessments every day (work and non-work days) throughout the study.

*Total time spent on the study is about 1-2 hrs per day, broken up across several ~15 min. logbook/task sessions throughout each day.

*All data will be kept confidential by IBR and will not be personally identifiable to the participants' employers or officials from the FAA.

*Participants will receive $400 upon completion of the study and safe return of the research equipment.

If you are interested in participating, click here.

The website explains how the study is conducted; requests information about the type of trips you typically fly and how to contact you; and provides a point of contact for further information and answers to your questions. Study personnel from an independent research institute (IBR) will contact 50 flight attendants each month over the next four to five months to arrange participation. All volunteers will receive monthly emails updating them of their status regarding selection for the field study.

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