Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Review of Interviewing Dos and Don'ts for 2009

We receive emails from time to time from individuals who were
not offered a flight attendant position after their interview.
Some are concerned that they might have done something wrong.

We previously published an audio post on this same subject, but
because it is so important, we are now offering this information
again so that you may print it out for easy reference before your
2009 interviews.

If you have been rejected by an airline, we recommend going over
the finer details of your interview process. Try to remember
everything you did and said at the interview. Were you too
assertive? Did you act cocky? Were you polite at all times?

Most rejections are due to a combination of factors. In our
online program for members, we go into detail about how to
present yourself at an interview, how to dress, how to act and
what to say. We also provide summary charts after the detailed
discussion. Here is a list of interviewing dos and don'ts from
our program which you should find useful before an interview or
as a review tool to use after a rejection. For a more in-depth
discussion of each of the listed items, members should go to
Interview Section of the Application Center.

Do arrive early. Know the exact place and time of the interview.

Do have your application completely filled out (if available)
before the interview.

Do greet your interviewer by last name using proper
pronunciation. Listen carefully to the name and title of your
interviewer and make a mental or written note of it.

Do show enthusiasm by extending a firm handshake.

Do be aware of your posture at all times. Show confidence in
your body language. Smile!

Do be a good listener.

Do make comfortable eye contact throughout the interview.

Do be factual and sincere in all of your responses.

Do bring several copies of your resume to the interview.

Do ask intelligent questions about the company and the position.
Prepare these questions before the interview.

Do send a thank-you note to your interviewer

Don't sit until asked.

Don't chew gum or smoke, even while waiting for the interview.

Don't respond to questions with "yes," "no," or one word

Don't make derogatory comments about previous employers,
coworkers or projects.

Don't try to make the interviewer your "best friend."

Don't memorize scripted answers to questions.

Don't discuss salary, benefits, etc. unless asked to do so by
the interviewer.

Don't let discouragement show if the interview is not going

Don't use hand gestures.

Don't discuss politics or other controversial subjects.

Don't fold your arms.

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