Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) is Hiring

Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) Limited is now actively recruiting cabin crew members.

Cabin crew employed by Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) Limited operate on Qantas services from London to Asian and European cities. (Please note there is no opportunity for cabin crew to operate to Australia or to transfer to Qantas Airways in Australia.)

As service professionals representing Australia's leading airline, Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) Limited cabin crew care for Qantas customers from the moment they step on board until the time they leave the aircraft.

Flight Attendants are there to make sure that everybody on board has an exceptional inflight experience, every time they fly with Qantas.

Desirable Skills and Attributes

*The ability to provide exceptional customer service, with an Australian Spirit, especially to those who may need a little extra attention - unaccompanied children, the elderly, parents with young children and people who may be ill or nervous about flying.

*A smiling and friendly disposition. Gaining satisfaction and motivation from providing world class service inflight.

*Assisting people who do not speak English and may have trouble with unfamiliar announcements, instructions and documentation.

*Being completely familiar and practiced in all aircraft safety procedures.

*Maintaining hygiene standards inflight. This may require disposal of sick bags and monitoring toilet cleanliness.

*Providing inflight service, including serving food and beverages.

Representing Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) Limited as a member of the cabin crew is a rewarding experience. Qantas customers have their own individual requirements and distinctive needs. Their safety and comfort are your responsibility from the moment you welcome Qantas customers aboard the aircraft.

Your role includes all aspects of customer care from communication to providing Qantas’ award winning inflight services. You will play a crucial role in promoting Qantas as the “Airline of Choice” for the British flying public and most importantly, providing an inflight experience that will make them want to fly with Qantas again.

Role Requirements

Essential to the role:

*Committed to service excellence.

*Considerable recent experience in a face-to-face customer service role.

*Excellent interpersonal skills and the maturity to deal with a range of customer needs.

*Excellent standard of personal presentation with a willingness to wear company uniform to required standards.

*Height 163-183cm without shoes.

*Age: minimum 18 years.

*The legal right to live and work in the UK.

*A valid passport with unrestricted access to all Qantas destinations.

*Satisfactory criminal record check (to be eligible to hold a permanent restricted zone security pass).

*High standard of spoken and written English.

*Minimum GCSE level grade C in Maths and English or equivalent.

*The ability to perform the following tasks:

-Lift a 28kg (55lb) aircraft window exit.

-Deal with emergencies in a smoke filled training simulator.

-Swim and assist people in the water. Swim 50 metres fully clothed, then tread water for three (3) minutes.

-Descend an aircraft escape slide approximately nine (9) metres above the ground.

-Fight fires wearing a full face mask.

-Control people in panic situations.

-Move passengers with disabilities in evacuations.


*Previous airline experience.

*Proficiency in an European or Asian language.

*Sound knowledge of Australia and the Australian culture.


The Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) Limited package consists of a base salary, fixed allowances and sector allowances. Other benefits include:

*Access to Staff travel benefits – allowing you to enjoy heavily discounted international and domestic travel.

*Generous Leave provisions.

*First class accommodation in exciting international destinations.

*Company supplied designer uniforms.

The flying from London Base will be mostly single sector, point-to-point flying to Asian cities, with the exceptions being European charter flights in the summer months.

Destinations currently include Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong (as well as other European destinations), but may change from time to time dependant on schedules.

For additional information about cabin crew careers at Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) Limited , visit: www.qantascabincrewuk.com/employment.html

For more about pursuing a flight attendant career, visit the AirlineCareer.com website: www.airlinecareer.com

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