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Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)

During flight attendant new-hire training, you will be expected to be familiar with the Federal Aviation Regulations that pertain to your job. The Training Center offers a study guide and interactive testing on FARs.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning FARs:

What Are FARs?

Federal Aviation Regulations are mandates from the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) to ensure the safety and comfort of customers, as well as crewmembers. They are safety rules.

Do Flight Attendants need to Know FARs?

It is a flight attendant’s responsibility to be familiar with the various Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and to enforce them in a ‘customer-conscious’ manner. No, you are not expected to be ‘sky police’, but you are expected to ensure that customers understand and comply with all FARs. Your goal is to enforce the FARs without upsetting the customer. How do you accomplish that. By being diplomatic about enforcing the rules.

Who Enforces FAR Compliance?

So, who makes sure that you are making sure that everybody’s in compliance? You got it…the FAA!! Cabin Safety Specialists are employed by the FAA to ensure that every airline upholds the FARs, as well as the company policies in place to enforce them. While there are numerous Cabin Safety Specialists, there is usually one particular individual assigned to each airline. That person’s job includes investigating, reporting and processing regulatory matters for appropriate compliance, and recommending enforcement action.

Did you know that many FARs are developed from ‘lessons learned’ during accident and incident investigations? Others are created because potential safety hazards are recognized.

How Do I Study FARs?

Take some time to review all of the FARs applicable to your flight attendant duties and responsibilities. You will find that many of your day-to-day duties fall under an FAR guideline.

In the Training Center, we have paraphrased many of the FARs that apply to you, with real world examples, but we have also provided a quick link to the FAA site with the complete listing of FARs. If you want to read further about any particular FAR, just click on the FAR link.

Many FARs requite that certain announcements be made. For more specifics on FAA mandated announcements, go to the individual FAR and review the PA Announcement section of the Training Center.

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t. Just remember, if you are complying with your particular airline’s policies, you are meeting and often exceeding the FAR. 100% compliance is your insurance.

Are FARs the Same at All Airlines?

The FARs are the same, but the airline’s particular procedures to enforce them may be slightly different. Your PA announcement, for example, about portable electronic devices, may vary from airline to airline, but the required content will be the same. So, by understanding the FARs, you will understand the reasons for performing your duties, regardless of the way it is done by a particular airline.

Our FAR study and testing material is not airline specific and is not intended to be a replacement for individual airline policies and procedures. Those will be taught in new-hire training. This comprehensive FAR review should be used as a guideline for understanding the rules that govern flight attendant duties and responsibilities.

Will I be Tested on FARs?

At new-hire training, you will be given self-study and classroom instruction on FARs. Many of the FARs are taught by using actual scenarios and recommended FAR enforcement strategies. Once you have reviewed all of the FARs, you will then be tested on all areas of study. Remember, in ground school, you will need to score at least a 90% on the test.

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